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  • TIME: 1990s, ~1998
  • PLACE: English Midlands, town near Bradford



  • student at university
  • young
  • beautiful
  • lives in two worlds
  • is going to marry Farook


  • Miriam's mother
  • accepts western way of living
  • acts for in-laws


  • arranged marriage with Miriam
  • future husband


  • Farook's father
  • dominates the relationship
  • traditional role


  • Farook's mother
  • strict
  • traditions are important
  • brings bad news to the family


Miriam is a young girl. In the next months she was going to marry Farook. A wedding which was arranged by her parents. They love each other and want to marry. Miriam lives in two worlds. When she is with her friends from the university she is dressed like it is usual there. She wears jeans and also likes to show her midriff. Her in-laws, who really pay attention to the traditions and rules, have only seen her in traditional clothes, completely covered.When one day her in-laws came for dinner and Miriam was late, she couldn't hide her western clothes and also her midriff was visible. After that her in-laws decide to break up the wedding, even if it was planned long ago.


=> clash of culture

=> traditions:

  • male/ parental authority
  • role of women

~different generations




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